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Humanity’s Survival Is at Stake

Of all the predictions about the future—flying cars, manipulating the weather, exploring other solar systems, even dystopian futures with cyborgs killing humans—nobody expected the future would lack civilization’s most vital ingredient: intelligent people.

In 2202 smart people are dying, and with them, humanity's survival.

Hubris and ignorance guided scientists toward what they thought was enhancing human intelligence. But the opposite happened: Genetic engineering killed off the planet's greatest thinkers. The smarter you are, the more likely you are to die.

It’s called The Devolution, where humankind learned that Darwinism is agnostic—it simply means that natural selection pushes a species ever faster in whatever direction they are going. In the early 21st Century, hatred and ignorance had become a desired quality and Darwinism gave the human species more of those valued qualities until there was enough hate and ignorance to begin to destroy humanity and the planet.

But Darwinism doesn’t care which way we go, so as soon as humans decide to evolve instead of devolve, it’s never too late to turn around.

In a world where intelligence is dying off—spiraling toward a new dark age—there is one hope: time travel. The few scientists unaffected by the failed genetic manipulation developed a way to transport the best and brightest minds from the past to present. Scientists, physicians, engineers, even political leaders.

These unwitting saviors are brought one at a time from the era of Peak Human Intellect (The PHI Era, from 1940-2040) by a team dedicated to the renazonce of humanity in the 23rd century.

While technology has changed over the centuries, human emotions and motivations have not. Not everyone on the team tasked with saving humanity shares the same altruism. In other words, there are still some bad guys.

Renazonce - 23rd Century shows the world in 2202 through the eyes of the Time Extraction Team (TET), as it strives to save humanity—one extraction at a time. While villains will never go away, the future is full of hope and heroes, including some catapulted from the past, and we'll root for them until our dying breath.


You Could Be Next

Do you ever wonder about people who simply vanish, never to be seen again? Think it can't happen to you? Actually, there’s a good reason you could be next. With your brilliant mind, the Time Extraction Team might select you as the next person to help with the renazonce in 2202 with no time to say goodbye to your loved ones.

Social-Media Driven Plots

If you'd like to be next, we can arrange that. We use social media to accept nominations of our subscribers as extraction candidates in a story episode—see how you would fare in the future.

Like a TV Series

Renazonce is structured as a written version of a TV series.

Each season consists of episodes that build to a thrilling finale in which the world seems about to end—to be saved in Episode 1 of the next season.

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Time travel is the key to humanity's renazonce in the 23rd century.


Author of this serial time-travel adventure, which was inspired by "No Time to Say Goodbye," a novella by Bill Adler, Jr. Ron's books have sold more than 10 million copies. He is a Top Writer on Quora+ with 80 million views and 19,900 followers.